Two men wearing green gloves stand on either side of a painting, holding it as though they are removing it from the wall. Other art objects are on the walls in the room

Borrowing Objects

To fulfill the Yale University Art Gallery’s mission to encourage appreciation and understanding of art through direct engagement with original works of art, the Gallery actively lends works from its permanent collection to other institutions domestically and abroad. Loans such as these enhance art-historical research and allow a wider audience access to the collection.

To make a formal request to borrow objects from the Yale University Art Gallery’s collection, send a letter to Stephanie Wiles, the Henry J. Heinz II Director, at the following address:

Stephanie Wiles
Henry J. Heinz II Director
Yale University Art Gallery
P.O. Box 208271
New Haven, CT 06520-8271

Required Information

  • specify the object(s) you would like to request, including accession number, artist, and title
  • the dates of your exhibition
  • the dates and location of any additional venues
  • a description of your exhibition
  • if a catalogue will be published, provide author name(s)
  • a facility report for each venue

Once the letter is received, it will be circulated for review by the appropriate curator, conservator, and registrar and will then be presented to the full loan committee for review. The committee meets every four to six (4–6) weeks, so the approval process can take several months. We require that loan requests be submitted a minimum of one (1) year before the exhibition opens.

Should approval be given, no serious changes to the request can be considered. This includes requesting additional objects, additional venues, or considerable date changes.

There is a loan fee of $250 per object, and it is the Gallery’s policy that the borrower must cover all costs associated with the loan, including packing, crating, shipping, insurance, couriers, and any modifications required for travel, such as reframing or glazing. If the committee requires a courier, the borrower must cover the cost of transportation, hotel stay, and per diem.

The Gallery does not lend to commercial galleries.

If you have any questions, please contact Lynne Addison at 203.432.0604 or