Reciprocal Membership

The Gallery is part of a larger national and international community of art museums that invites visitors to experience art during their travels through the benefit of reciprocal membership. Gallery members receive free admission to participating sister institutions through two programs.

About Reciprocal Membership

College and University Art Museums Reciprocal Program

Through the College and University Art Museums Reciprocal Program, academic museums have opened their doors to the members of other teaching museums. Visitors have the opportunity to see how other schools use their collections for teaching and enjoyment.

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Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums

Donate $100 or more to the Gallery and get access to the Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums (ROAM). This program includes major art museums and hidden gems, all of which will provide free admission to members while traveling. ROAM is continually expanding, so check the list regularly for new and exciting additions.

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