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Ancient Glass: A Guide to the Yale Collection

R. A. Grossmann

The Yale University Art Gallery’s collection of ancient glass represents one of the most varied and comprehensive holdings in the nation. Acquired through the gifts of Yale alumni over the course of seven decades, the collection illuminates the technological, functional, and stylistic developments in glass from the Bronze Age to late antiquity. In this publication, author R. A. Grossmann uses the collection to acquaint the reader with techniques for producing and adorning glass objects. Vessels, both practical and decorative, as well as jewelry and ornaments are discussed in historical and aesthetic contexts. Grossmann also provides information about the acquisition of the works and the University’s involvement in archaeological discoveries.

44 pages / 6 x 9 inches / 43 color and 5 black-and-white illustrations / 2002
  • Paperback ISBN 0-89467-955-4
    Item# 14612
    Out of Print

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