Coin Room

The Gallery’s collection of coins and medals, at roughly 100,000 pieces, is by far the largest and most diverse held by any American university. The Bela Lyon Pratt Study Room for Coins and Medals is open by appointment to individuals or small groups.

Dupondius of Philip I
Medal for the Model of the "Dying Hercules"
Cistophorus of Hadrian
Medallion of Commodus and Annius Verus

About the Coin Room

The Pratt Study Room houses approximately 100,000 coins and medals and 10,000 pieces of paper currency. The full range of coins and medals is represented, from the beginnings in the 7th century B.C. to modern times. Particular strengths are in the coinages of the Greek and Roman worlds, Byzantium, and medieval and early modern England.

In addition to the main collection, which has recently been augmented by a purchase of over 4,000 coins of the Greek world, the coin room houses Yale’s portion of the coins recovered at the excavation of Dura-Europos. The University’s collection dates back to the early 19th century but was only transferred to the Gallery in 2001. A systematic effort is underway to improve the collection and integrate it further into the Yale curriculum.

Make an Appointment

The Pratt Study Room is located on the first floor of the Gallery and is open by appointment to individuals and small groups. For more information or to schedule a visit or arrange a class section, call 203.432.1801 or email

Uncertain denomination of Septimius Severus

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