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Gallery Talk, Ike Taiga’s Moonlight Bamboo: The Creation of Ma (Time and Space)

Sadako Ohki
Wednesday, April 9, 2014, 12:30 pm

Join Sadako Ohki, Japan Foundation Associate Curator of Japanese Art, for a focused discussion of Taiga’s bamboo painting in the exhibition Brush and Ink in Byobu: The Grandeur of Japanese Screens. Moonlight Bamboo is an excellent example of a “pilgrim piece” because it attracted visitors from all over the world. Ohki talks about the artist’s superb brush technique of ink, from gossamer light to pitch black, as well as the painting’s remarkable ability to conjure up 8th century Tang China, 18th century Japan, and even 21st century United States, through poetry and imagination. The empty space in the painting, active and indispensable, will also be discussed.

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