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As a university museum, our mission of teaching from original works of art involves all departments, from curatorial and conservation to installations and programming. Get involved through numerous paid and volunteer opportunities.

Opportunities for Yale Undergraduates

Gallery Guide Program

The Gallery Guide program is a paid opportunity for Yale undergraduates to learn about the museum’s collection and how to teach from objects. Students participate in a yearlong training program with education and collections curators, during which they are taught to lead interactive, close-looking tours of the museum for the Yale community and the New Haven public. The in-depth training requires a time commitment similar to that of an academic course. Following the completion of the first year of training, students remain involved with the Gallery Guide program by continuing to give museum tours and participating in weekly gallery sessions throughout their time at Yale.

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Mary Hotchkiss Williams Travel Fellowships

The Mary Hotchkiss Williams Travel Fellowship for the Visual Arts supports summer travel abroad with a grant of $5,500 for qualified undergraduate Yale students engaged in the visual arts. While preference will be given to studio-art majors, the fellowship is open to all Yale undergraduates, and students majoring in other fields are invited to apply.

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Nancy Horton Bartels Scholar Internships

Nancy Horton Bartels Scholar Internships provide funds for Yale undergraduate students to participate in academic-year internships at the Yale University Art Gallery and the Yale Center for British Art. Multiple internships at both the Gallery and the Center are offered annually, and are funded by an endowment established in 2005 by Henry E. and Nancy Horton Bartels. Mr. and Mrs. Bartels are graduates of Cornell University. The internships aim to familiarize students with the operations of museums and curatorial departments. Interns work ten hours per week for two consecutive terms and receive a stipend on an hourly basis. Internships focus on specific projects proposed by departments in the two museums.

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Art Museum Scholar Summer Internships

Art Museum Scholar Summer Internships provide funds for undergraduate Yale students to participate in summer internships at the Yale University Art Gallery, the Yale Center for British Art, or other art museums. Art Museum Scholar Summer Interns receive a stipend of up to $3,500. Internships must be eight weeks. The internships at the Gallery and the Center familiarize students with the operation of museums and provide an opportunity to work on a project related to a specific aspect of the museum’s collection. Students seeking opportunities with other art museums must procure such internships on their own. The awards are open to Yale students in any field.

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Opportunities for Yale Graduate Students

Graduate Research Assistantships

Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs) at the Yale University Art Gallery and the Yale Center for British Art are designed to provide Yale doctoral students, in their second through sixth year, the opportunity to work as part of an intellectual team on a major scholarly project at one of the museums. These paid research positions, commensurate with a teaching fellowship of 17.5 hours per week, enhance the educational experiences provided by academic course work and teaching fellowships at the University, allowing students to extend their range of academic specializations and expertise, and to augment research skills by direct contact with objects in the collections. GRAs are excused from their departmental teaching duties during the tenure of the research assistantship.

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Graduate Curatorial Internships

Each year, the Gallery offers a limited number of Graduate Curatorial Internships. These paid positions involve collection research and provide the professional experience of working in a museum. Specific responsibilities often include writing for Gallery publications, or curatorial work on exhibitions and installations. Open to graduate students from any discipline, curatorial internships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement and field of specialization. These appointments typically require up to ten hours of work per week.

Applications for Graduate Curatorial Internships at the Gallery are accepted on a rolling basis. Interested graduate students should contact the curator in charge of the department in which they wish to work. For information on curatorial departments and curators, please see the Collections section of this website.

Wurtele Gallery Teacher Program

The Wurtele Gallery Teacher Program is open to Yale graduate students from all disciplinary backgrounds. Gallery Teachers are trained as museum educators and are responsible for the K–12 teaching at the museum as well as other programs involving students, youth, and visitors with special needs. Wurtele Gallery Teachers undergo rigorous training with the Gallery’s educators and curators, who introduce them to the Gallery’s collection and pedagogy. Applications are accepted in the summer, and the six-week training begins at the beginning of the fall semester. Successful applicants will have experience working with children, will display a commitment to teaching from original works of art, and are available in the mornings, between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm, Tuesday through Friday.

Gallery Teacher applications are posted on the Yale Student Employment website at as soon as they are available.

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For more information about jobs at Yale University Art Gallery, please visit the University’s employment site. To find available positions at the Gallery search using the keywords “art gallery.”

Student Bursars

Student Bursars assist museum staff in every department of the Yale University Art Gallery. Through their employment, bursars have the opportunity to interact and learn directly from curators, scholars, and educators as well as broaden their knowledge of art history and prepare for future career opportunities. Positions range from general office support to research for curatorial departments and assisting with the installation of special exhibitions.

Bursary positions are posted on the Yale Student Employment site.

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