The mission of the Yale University Art Gallery is to encourage appreciation and understanding of art and its role in society through direct engagement with original works of art. The Gallery stimulates active learning about art and the creative process through research, teaching, and dialogue among communities of Yale students, faculty, artists, scholars, alumni, and the wider public. The Gallery organizes exhibitions and educational programs to offer enjoyment and encourage inquiry, while building and maintaining its collections in trust for future generations.

Community Voices

I have been bringing both of my boys [to the Gallery] since they were able to walk. . . . Massimo is 5 years old and he always looks forward to our visits. He not only enjoys their elevator that can fit a huge truck, but he proudly says that he loves Jackson Pollock! As a parent I am always surprised that he gravitates towards the same painting, Arabesque #13.

Louise Lopez
Blogger, I Choose Happy Now, CT, July 2011

My favorite work at the Gallery—and the one that I most love teaching from—is Wassily Kandinsky’s Waterfall. I find it both warming and soothing, like a nap on a golden autumn afternoon. Kandinsky is also my mother’s favorite artist, and so any time I see a Kandinsky painting, I think of her, and all the joyous hours we’ve spent together in museums.

Zoe Mercer-Golden, B.A. 2013
Gallery Guide, Yale University Art Gallery, Fall 2012

All in all I think that this museum was a wonderful experience. It wasn’t too big and wasn’t too small, and like Goldilocks, I found my perfect match. 

Rebecca S.
Class Blog, Albertus Magnus College, March 2012

It’s strange to think about leaving Manhattan and traveling a couple of hours to New Haven to visit an art museum, but this treasure is well worth the two hour train ride. 

Donald K.
Yelp, New York, July 2012

The Gallery has long had much to do with why so many of us love the University, and why we urge friends and others who may have little or no connection to Yale to go to see it for themselves. And never has there been a greater reason than now. As displayed in the glorious spaces of the new Gallery, the magnificence and power of the collection are greater than ever before, and the Gallery itself can be rightly declared a national treasure.

David McCullough, B.A. 1955
Boston, Fall 2012

In the spring of my freshman year (1970–71) I took a course on modern art with Robert Herbert. Half the classes met in the Gallery basement, where we all sat cross-legged discussing work, mostly from the Société Anonyme Collection. That class literally did change my life.

Glenn H.
Facebook, Los Angeles, June 2012

The Gallery is magnificent; by a fair margin, it now bids to be the mightiest teaching-related museum in the United States.

Peter Schjeldahl
The New Yorker, December 2012

I love to peel off in the afternoon of a busy day and head across the Green, up the north (sunny) side of Chapel Street to the Gallery.  I inevitably head to the Impressionist works. I find them serene and soothing—not the usual feelings I have during the course of the day.  And as often as not I observe on my way out the Gallery instructors working with New Haven school kids seated with their backs to me before some work of art. I love to listen to the back and forth—the questioning and the answers that prompt more questions. And then I recall how loud the Gallery can be.

John DeStefano, Jr.
Mayor of New Haven for 20 years, New Haven, CT, Fall 2012

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